Revit Files Upgrader

Files Upgrader ABOUT THE TOOL: The purpose of this add-in is to help the user to upgrade all Revit files to current Revit version you are using. This app supports all your Revit files [*.rvt – *.rfa – *.rte] (Project files, family files, and template files) to be compatible with your current Revit version. HOW […]

Align Road to Topo

This article  is a continuation to my previous article Align Topo to Road here. About the Tool: As promised, this is an extension to my previously developed tool “Align Topo to Road” but this one is completely opposite. In this tool you will Align Road to a Topography. in our real life we use road coordinates/Levels […]

Create Coordinates Points

About the tool: The below link is for a newly created add-in for Creating Coordinate Points. So far there is no handy tool to draw a point on Revit, frankly I suppose this is because there is no a real meaning for a point in reality. It is all in 3d Space. So basically I […]


  About the tool: The idea of this Add-in came to me when I experienced issuing design drawings to a client. The case was after finalizing all design sheets for issuing (printing) I realized that I have more than 40 sheets mixed between A3 , A4,A2,A1, A0 as well as with different categories like”As built”- “Phase 1” […]

Auto Join All

ABOUT THE TOOL: The below link is for a newly created add-in for Joining… we all know that whenever we create a new slab, beams or columns they don’t get joined unless we join each. This will lead, whenever I get a new section I have to join all the elements that were not joined […]

Align Topography To Road

About the tool This add-in took a quite some time to reach a desirable result after many times of trials. The purpose of this add-in is to help the designer landscaping the topography by grading and aligning to a previously designed road. For any defaults notes/Recommendation to help developing this tool, I would be happy to be contacted […]