About the tool:
So some may say, is it a replacement to NavisWork clash functionality? absolutely NOT. This app is made for an easy and fast navigation through the results of interference check by Revit.  as to make it easy on the Revit Authors to navigate through clashes, and fix them instantly. one more additional feature is it can loop through all linked models without the need to do report each interference check separately.

How Does it work:

First you need to perform the normal interference check from Revit. If you do not khow, please have a look at Autodesk knowledge Network

Interferance Check.PNG

Then export the results and save it to your local drive. now run the application and you will be directed to load the file you just saved.


Now here you would see all the elements and what is clashing with what in a list performance. click on any item  in this list box and you will be directed to a 3D View with a scope box enabled, scoping to the element of clash.

additionally, you can click on the numbers below. these 2 numbers identify the elements that is a part of this clash.

due to some limitations we are only allowed to click on the  elements that is in the current model and not in a linked  one. rephrasing that, if you are performing an interference check with a category in a linked Revit file, then the number will show in Red. and this means you can not select this element from the application. but you can select it from the Revit UI directly.

Also, for the sake of our memory, I have implemented a Capture screen option. just right click on the result item, and click Capture. this will instantly capture the current window screen of the project. so this can be as a reference to what happened after things gets resolved. and Yes you can add multiple images.

Finally you can Save all your work.
you may also Run the built in Clash Detection by selecting “Detect from Current Project” button.
This will open a new window ClashPreset.

This will be like a record of methodology of how you want to check your clashes.

Save, Load, Remove and Add Preset:
Straightforward as it sounds.

Check Mark Preset:
if Checked, This preset configurations will be included in the check process.

Category A,B
The base concept is to check clashes between 2 elements, regardless its document. So basically it is like i need to check elements that matches Category A, with Elements that matches Category B.

After Clicking Start detection, it will ask for saving the Preset (PST file extension). you can Ignore that indeed. but Then after it will ask where you want to save the results (CDB file extension).

Then What?
All the resulted clashes will be pointed out in Clash Results dialogue. I have explained in the below illustrations what is it all about.

if you clicked on Element ID, it will highlight the element on the view, unless it is a linked element. Linked Element is not yet allowed to be highlighted via RevitAPI. 😦
Yes, “Add Image to report” it is additional process still under progress. where you may want to include this image in the exported report or not.
This is just a startup application. If you like the idea, and you believe it can be better if …… is implemented, then send a feedback through the app  itself, (Right click and select feedback)  to level up our productivity to the most extent.

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