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RAAPs is a new development to all my previous issued and not issued Apps. RAAPS organizes, collects all the Arch4Hum products to be in a one Window, allowing users to easily pick a suitable app to accomplish their tasks. I also have implemented add to favorite where you can mark what you prefer under a favorite tab.

RAAPS is composed of different tabs named by category of execution. for example: if the app is for Legend Alignment it is under Sheet Category. I have categorized the apps based on my sole experience and I would be happy to receive any feedback to alter any property or new ideas to implement.

1st you need to register your Email. so we can communicate with you

What’s so special, it is now you do not need to restart Revit to include new apps or update existing ones. The only Restart will be required if RAAPS itself has a new update.

Coming Soon is where I received requests for specific apps with new ideas that will help all Revit users have their life much easier.


Go to Download Page

What is more?

I will continue updating this documentation and developing more apps as I receive feedback from Reviteares. Do not forget to click on Feedback button on the top left of RAAPS window, or Right click on the app tile for a specific feedback to a selected app.


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