Bounding Box

Navigating and Scoping views is a real essential to Revit user. the more fast and easy the more productivity we get.



  • you can scope (Section Box Crop View) to any Element or by selection.
  • if you know Element ID just type it and it will hunt getting it for you.
  • Draw a rectangle you will get view cropped to the size you defined. (Plan and Section View Only)
  • Do you have a linked Model. Yes you can Crop to any element in a linked model.

So what so Special:bbx4

  • If you are on a 3D View, You can store the resulting image so you can write a note to remind you with something.
  • bbx3.PNGNot only that Get me that view back again by Synchronizing the current Active 3D View.
  • aaah! … It is Free.

Is it helpfull? ?!!

Download from here

Supports Revit 2014,2015,2016.


Ps: Don’t forget to Hold ALT before starting the application to Check for new Update.


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