Floor Generator

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[App is Still under Improvement Regarding only the Updating part]

Are you Designing an Hotel or multi rooms building?
Creating more than X hundreds rooms for each floor for Guests?
Are you done with Floor finishes?

How about a minor change for 200 rooms boundary. Does it mean, ooh!!  lets do it Again?

It is a typical scenario in Architecture firms where you keep changing and updating till the Client get satisfied “Which is never happening!!” 🙂 

About the APP:

This application will help you automatically draw Floor to room boundary. Sorry! not only draw but binds as well. This means draw your walls or any room boundary element, create a room inside. start the application and Voila! you have a floor.

Well that is true sometimes. But what if you deleted one of these boundary elements. and decided to change room shape. Obviously this link is now past tense. Also, it happen that the architect changed his mind and  merged an electrical room to a store room. So you will need to delete both floors or one of them and redraw the new shape or trace the boundary elements again to get it match.

That is the application was made for. It simply do one major thing, is to create a Floor from room or Closed Boundary.

Creating Floor from Point:

  1. Ensure you have a closed boundary (Walls).
  2. click on Create Floor Generator.
  3. click on the Floor type
  4. Pick a point.
  5. Voila you have your Floor.




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