Export Kit is designed to help user Print/Export all Revit sheets to PDF, DWG and DXF. It is more or less have same Print All PDF features and much more extra options.

To cut a long story short, you are now able to name your PDF/DWG/DWF/DWFX files to the format you want.


Once you click on Export Kit button you will be asked to assign a location for export folder “Folder where you save/Export your files”. After that a window panel will be shown illustrating what you want to do.


What is so special about this app

  • You can rename all exported files to you standards.Exportkit2.PNG
  • If it happened that Revit crashed because of a very long printing or for any other reasons, you can simply print the set again and don’t over Write the files.
  • Currently it supports
    • Bullzip PDF printer
    • Adobe PDF Printer
    • PDF Complete *Comming Soon
  • You have the opportunity to export PDF and DWG and DXF with one click button.
  • You can avoid opening PDF after printing or never.




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