Revit Files Upgrader


Files Upgrader


The purpose of this add-in is to help the user to upgrade all Revit files to current Revit version you are using. This app supports all your Revit files [*.rvt – *.rfa – *.rte] (Project files, family files, and template files) to be compatible with your current Revit version.



After Navigating to Documentation Tab in RAAPS a window will appear seeking some inputs to start conversion. these inputs are as follow:


  1. Locate the files you wish to upgrade.
    1. Click on Cabinet button to Select all the files you need to upgrade 
  2. Identify the export mode:
    1. Save in the same location:
      1. Save and overwrite existing original file. (I personally do not recommend this option) 
    2. Save with a suffix:
      1. is to save the upgraded files to the same location but by adding a suffix to the original filename. 
    3. Save to Different location:
      1. Select where do you want to save these files. 
  3. Ignore Unsaved Local changes:
    1. When you upgrade a project file which is a central(Work sharing file) it may happen that one of the team members has not yet synchronized his work. So it is up to the user to ignore and continue the upgrade or not to upgrade in these cases.




A meter will appear to help the user realize what is going on, but in this new development, you can see what has been changed and what has not and Why. if you hovered over the green or yellow mark it will show that conversion result.


Also if you double clicked on any of these files it will take you directly to the file location.


5 thoughts on “Revit Files Upgrader”

    1. you can uninstall just as any windows program. goto control panel and click on uninstall programs. look for A4H_Files Upgrader. and uninstall. make sure Revit is not running.

      Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

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