Create Coordinates Points


About the tool:

The below link is for a newly created add-in for Creating Coordinate Points. So far there is no handy tool to draw a point on Revit, frankly I suppose this is because there is no a real meaning for a point in reality. It is all in 3d Space.
So basically I have developed this tool to help the designer to have some handy references from analogue coordinates data (if we are talking about AutoCAD) to drop them on Revit. In the next section we will explain more about this tool.

Feel Free to watch other developed tools as well as some basic tutorials here

How it Works

This command will help you to Creating coordinate points from any scripted text from any other program such as AutoCAD, ProgCAD…ect.
you can Watch a video Example on this link:

Before you start to click on the command you must be aware of the following:

  1. The points that will be created is a 2D symbolic graphic.
  2. Your view must be a Plan View Type, other wise you will receive a message box explaining that.
  3. All the points once created will be grouped together for your easiness of selection.
    Hint: you may Rename these group to any name you like for future reference.
  4. Now open any CAD drawing and draw any draft for instance do as follow:Untitled01
  • Draw 2 Rectangles.Select them and type “List” then Press enter or Space Bar.
  • Select and Copy the text in the List window. Press “Ctrl + C” for copy Short Cut.
  • Past them in the Coordinate Window shown In Revit.
  • After pasting the Copied Text from AutoCAD the window should look like this.
  • Move your mouse out of the text box window and it will automatic adjust as much as possible letting you to select and delete what you see in propitiate, then you get to this Result.

Now What is this Window Panel All About:

Before explaining The window Panel, you should be aware of the following:

  • The Copied XYZ entry are the distance from the origin Point in AutoCAD with reference to X and Y and Z. In our program we will Ignore the input of Z which has no meaning for the Design purpose.
  • By default the program will get the stored Origin Point from the file itself from previous usage, if this is the first time to use this add-in then it will use the Zero XYZ as the point of Origin.
  • So if you just clicked the create Button it will consider the Origin Point is the Zero Reference or you can Press on the Get Origin Point button the far bottom Right.
  • A fully illustrated drawing for the Window Panel.Untitled04



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