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About the tool:

The idea of this Add-in came to me when I experienced issuing design drawings to a client. The case was after finalizing all design sheets for issuing (printing) I realized that I have more than 40 sheets mixed between A3 , A4,A2,A1, A0 as well as with different categories like”As built”- “Phase 1” …ect

To print this to Scale was really time consuming, as you have to pick the right paper Size before printing. So imaging that you will go through each sheet to identify related scale and memorise the sheet number then you record it in view sheet set. Then sometimes you change the size which will require redoing the whole scenario again.

This was how the Traditional way works:

  1. Trace the sheet numbers to identify sheet size and memorize this or write it on a paper or
  2. Go to print manager and start creating sheets sets for each paper size category (A0,A1,A2,A3,A4).
  3. Then select and add to each category the sheet number you have.

A bit time challenging, isn’t it?, if you have to manage that for each project or for each sheet revision. On the new add-in, the developed way is different. So basically I have developed this tool increase the rate of production and save time from repetitive steps.

How it Works

For instatnce, when you click on the PDF + DWG Button, the programme “Addin” will sort all your sheets, then a Printing window will pop up seeking your choice between:

  1. Print all sheets in sheets Group by 100% Zoom. ie. same sheet scale.
  2. Print all sheets in Sheet Group in A3. Zoom to Fit.
  3. Select Whether you want to export DWG. as well or not.
  4. Choose the location for the output the files. By selecting the output folder, the programme will create a folder for PDF and a folder for DWG.
Please make sure you have Adobe Printer installed on your system, you may download a free trial from here

You can Watch a video Example on this link:

Things you should know:

Before you start you need to be fully aware of all of the following:

  • This Programme is designed to only Adobe PDF Printer. The printer name must be same Adobe name “Adobe PDF”. By and Large, we specifically designed this programme on “Adobe PDF” Printer, there where have an intruption dialoge that keeps asking where to save your file if you selected multiple sheets and not combined. May be in future realeases we consider other pdf printers depending on the amount of feedback from users.Prnallpdf02
  • You must have a project parameter defined as “Sheet Group” of Type text, assigned to Sheets category. Mean while, the programme will do it for you and will set a value “All Sheets” which means all sheets in the Document will be printed. WE have made this task easy to you. When you hit the button “PDF + DWG” and when the “Print All PDF + DWG” Window Appears just hit “ESC” Key, and you will see the Parameter is assigned.
  • The added Project Parameter will be included in you already Shared Text file, or will be a new Shared text file in case you have no one. [This process is completely reversable by hiting “Ctrl+Z”] .
  • The Created shared file will be located at the same Document Path. In case the document is new document and not yet saved, the shared file will be on your Desktop Folder.
  •  There must be a sheet view(s) with a title block. The Programme will alert you if there is no sheet view and will terminate by then. In Addition, if there is a sheet view and there is no Title block it will commence normally but will consider the drawing as A3 size and will scale it to fit.
  • Title block name must include paper size between “A0,A1,A2,A3,A4”.Prnallpdf01
  • All Prints are in LandScape… In future release this will be consider as an Automatic option.
  • After adding the Sheet Group Parameter to the sheet views, you can start assigning a reference text to these group such as “As-Built” – “For Construction” – …etc.

Hint: You can sort your project browser to follow this parameter, which will give a more adorable results.

looking for more? Export All Kit is on its way.



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