Export Revit parameters to Excel


About the tool

It is quite obvious that linking different programmes together is a remarkable way to professionalism. By this tool you can export what ever you like of parameters of an element to Excel.

Feel Free to watch other developed tools as well as some basic tutorials here


a briefed tutorial:

Lets commence on a fast tutorial to experience the results of our tool:

  1. When you click on Para to XL button, a meter will be displayed illustrating a working progress.
  2. This progress is gathering all available Elements from your current Revit Project.
  3. Export2xl05
  4. After finishing this process a new window will pop up showing all categories available in this current project.
  5. Select any item from the category list all correspondence parameter will be displayed on the Parameter list.
  6. Click on Export to Excel Button and watch the flow.
  7. You can also watch Revit finishing the long hours of Adjustments…

These are examples of what it can do. The image below shows the results of using the tool. For more detail please visit the below link for a video clip.

How it works:

  • When you hit the button tool the programme will trace all the available information of categories and all its relevant parameters. This gathering is recorded on a text file in the same Location of your Project file as a text file same name as you project but with extension txt.

Export2xl03  Export2xl02

  • This text file will be read each time you run the programme which will be enhance the speed of operation next time you
    use this tool.
  • Another option in this tool is to gather information from other existing projects. This can be done by clicking on the
    “Open Multiple Projects. (Explained below).
  • After you select all your project a total count of selected projects will appear under the said button. Sheet/Project, is to create a new Excel Sheet with the name of the project and to list all selected parameters and category inside. This option will be disabled if the number of projects is one.
  • Sheet/Category is to Create Excel sheet with the name of Category and list all parameters inside.
  • Include Header is to add header name for the Exported parameter. You can use this option if you want to continue on
    existing excel sheet.
  • Existing Excel File Check box is to merge the exported data into an Existing Excel Sheet.
  • The following Box shows the Excel File name that will be used for merging. If this box is empty/disabled a new excel file will be create.
  • Worksheet is select an existing excel sheet from all available sheets in the existing excel file.
  • Start cell Location is to select where to start. Be aware, that Columns will start from number 4 even if you typed 1-3.

This is an output Example :


Export2xl01Select multiple project option

When you click on Open Multiple Projects Button the below window appears. This window will include all Project you selected when you click on Add Projects.

Clear List button to Remove all list except for the current Project.



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